About Us

Playing For Unity In Diversity | Picnic, a Baha'i Inspired Event

Playing For Unity In Diversity is more than just a beautiful vision or vague hope. Its mission is to actively promote unity through the inspiring and energizing power of music and dance. Our intent is to create a rich and dynamic day-long cultural experience for families and people of all ages and backgrounds to –bridge racial divide– and –celebrate and embrace our diversity– and provide an opportunity for adults and children to spend a wonderful day together. It is a commitment to win hearts and minds by embracing all peoples and cultures so we can bring about the change that we all wish to see. The program is comprised of musical performances from generous and talented local artists representing a variety of backgrounds. This alcohol-free social event is free of charge. We, are all volunteers coming together to make a difference in Greater Tucson, Arizona. Please come and share you talents. Display your artwork. Be part of an event that is authentic. 

Help us come together, as one people. Let's make this world a better place... 

Annick Elzière, Events Organizer
Born and raised in France, Annick is working to bring about unity by using her creative talents and organizational skills in service to others. She is an entrepreneur in so many ways. Annick is an excellent event producer, photographer, and Web designer. Years ago, she opened a small cafe-restaurant in New Jersey and closed it to move back to France. Missing the United States so much, she decided to come back a few years later to settle in Arizona. She volunteered her time and talent at Desert Rose Baha'i Institute while looking for a job. For the last six years, she works full time, as a French interpreter over-the-phone giving a voice to those who cannot express themselves in English.

Her favorite quote is: “Let your vision be world embracing…” — Bahá'u'lláh