Robert Gillies is one part award-winning songwriter, one part folk-popper, and every bit an infectiously energetic performer, armed with a personality wrought from years of traveling the world and exploring it with a child-like wonder.

Born in Stirling, Scotland, as the only child of two musical parents, Robert began playing music at the age of 4 but didn't truly find his passion within music until 16 years later when he reached a fifth-life crisis.

Now, 6 years later, Gillies is firmly entrenched in a life of music. Having spent several years traveling, serving as a volunteer in various positions around the world and sharing his musical journey with those around him, he graduated from the Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Before studying at Berklee, Robert had shared his music in venues in Japan, Canada, the US and the UK, to much praise from peers and elders alike.

What is it they hear in his music? Perhaps it is a sincerity driven by an earnest search for the positive in life, the desire to connect to those around him and a certain sensitivity behind the well-crafted lyrics and solid musicianship.

It can certainly be said that Robert is well on his way to somewhere special. Comments from artists such as English/Canadian singer-songwriter and Canadian Idol finalist Martin Kerr, and English writer/producer Robert Weinberg convey the collective thoughts of many about Robert's music.

"A triple threat writer, vocalist and guitarist, whose strong production skills and knack for penning infectious pop anthems."
- Mark Simos, songwriter

"Like a modern day troubadour, Robert's music is a refreshing blend of storytelling, wry observation on life and an expansive global view of things. His songs reflect his personality – bright, engaging and full of wonder and delight at the world and its inhabitants."
- Robert Weinberg, radio producer

Artist website: www.robertgillies.com