Nasim Maani blends folk, jazz and world music into a mix of her own, a timeless musical expression of her multicultural upbringing, her love for spirituality, in particular the Writings of the Baha’i Faith, and her deep connection to music from childhood. Every artist has a story and Nasim’s begins with her growing up and living in different cultures (Iran, Austria, Slovenia, Hungary, New Zealand and the United States) and with a mother who beautifully chanted sacred verses every morning as she awoke and as she went to sleep. Growing up in Austria also meant that she was surrounded by sounds of classical music as well as Austrian folk music. There she formed many lifelong friendships that began with playing music together. As a child she was witness to her mother recording with the Austrian Music Group “The Dawnbreakers” and later on as a youth she felt honored to join that group. She recorded with them and toured with them twice through Europe. It is there that she began writing music for the first time… always as a reflection on and as a personal expression of her understanding on some piece of sacred writing. Later on Nasim and her family emigrated to New Zealand, giving her the opportunity to get acquainted with the sounds and beats of the Pacific. This deepened her desire to write and sing more.

After some years at the University of Auckland studying Architecture, she moved to to Slovenia and then later to Hungary where another musical endeavor combined with service to humanity became central to her life. Through the loving encouragement of a dear friend, she joined a group of Hungarian women who toured that beautiful country for a year … sharing music and the message of peace and cooperation in schools, universities, concert halls and plazas. She then returned to New Zealand to finish her studies, got married and moved to the United States. She opened her own architectural practice and gave birth to her two kids. Soon though her European roots were calling her back and she started traveling back to Austria with her family for extended periods of time.

Two years ago she met with an old childhood friend with whom she had been making music as a high schooler and he encouraged her to finally record her voice and music. Daniel became her co-producer and arranger and a project was born out of music, friendship and the combination of skills. This debut album is the result of 2 years of international cooperation with Austrian, German and Bulgarian musicians in a fabulous studio in the beautiful Austrian Alps and a lot of transatlantic travel, hard work and joy.

Nasim works and lives in Tucson, Arizona with her husband and two children.

Website: www.nasimmaani.com/