Ngoma Za Kongo

Ngoma Za Kongo

Created in November 1999 by Artistic Director and Founder Leonard Baniekona with the goal of promoting and improving the real Kongo traditional music and chorographical creativity in the Republic of Congo. This music and dance are a source of healing and balance providing aquality of education and entertainment for the public of all nationalities and from all walks of life.

The NGOMA ZA KONGO group composed of sixteen (16) artists is in continuous research of new sounds and expressions inspired by different Congolese traditions. As a result of this spirit of research, the group performance represents a real diversity of sounds and colors from different regions of Congo. Its work is an original fusion of traditional rhythms on one hand and a mixing of traditional and ritual dances on the other hand, all with some influence of contemporary environment.

Under the guidance of its Artistic Director and Founder Leonard BANIEKONA, its Chorographer Detmer NZABA, and its talented drummer Brice Severin TCHIKEBI, the artists of NGOMA ZA KONGO sing and play various sounds of African drums and dances. Their invasion of the scene drives you into the essence of their mythical rhythms, leaving you between a traditional and a modern world.

Enriched by the songs and different sounds of African drums, these rhythms and dances make NGOMA ZA KONGO an outstanding group beyond the common. Coming from different ethnic background, the members of Ngoma Za Kongo also naturally contribute in diversity of the group. Over 45 ethnic groups live in Congo and each of one has its own culture, music sounds, rhythms and dances.

Type: Drums and Dance
Artistic Director: Leonard BANIEKONA
Text: Leonard BANIEKONA
Chorographer: Detmer NZABA
Costume Design and Decoration: Leonard BANIEKONA
Contact the group: "Leonard BANIEKONA" <>